Monday, February 26, 2007

I Have Seen The Light!

Yes. The spring is coming and the days are becoming longer, so the reception conditions are favouring South America and hoping to get something from the Andes later on.

Recent dx on February consists of mostly good conditions towards Northern parts of South America at the sunrise time. Typically good reception for an half an hour only. Most stations logged between 1200…1600 kHz at 0530 + - 30 minutes. Some days also pretty good openings towards Far East incl. some Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Philippino stations. It´s a pity that I have not been able to hear a single Aussi X-band station this season.

Some of the most interesting Latin channels have been (in the last few weeks of February, more at Hard-Core-DX log):

1200.17 LV Raza Medellin finally IDed
1240 – Ave Marias & at 0520-0550 almost daily same pxlast week, but no ID- Peru?
1290 LV Estrellas coming on top some days
1269.8 CariƱosa – which one? quite far for nominal
1310 Big graveyard some mornings, RNVenezuela on the top, Bogota station with new name (and owner?) Also French here, Martinique?
1329.71 Antena Dos – also a big split here
1340 Radio Uno Caracas, always quite good – CariƱosa some days
1359.97 YVTZ
73 TK

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