Friday, December 22, 2006

King's Village - Waiting for Santa!

Indeed we got 2 cm snow in Southern Finland, so there is possibility for Santa to come here from the Finnish Lapland – which undoubtedly is the home of Santa Claus.
DXing is not the number one item during this time of the year and the conditions have been also worst for some time after the latest spots and coronal holes. Conditions should improve in next week, I think there are some good openings in 25-29 Dec and during the New Year before the next CH-based disturbance in the beginning of 2007.

With this picture (at around the December solstice of the Sun – actually the solstice is at 0022ut Dec 22nd) of the 1 cm snow and Our Friend Sun at Kymi River, East of the King s Village dx-qth I wish all the best for everyone for the Christmas Season & good DXing in 2007!

73’s TK

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