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I started this great DXing hobby in September 1979 with a portable radio. It took 27 years 2 months and 27 days before I got my 1000th verified radio station. All these stations are heard below the Arctic Circle, mostly in Kainuu and Northern Ostrobothnia. The 1000th station point came from WKAQ San Juan, Puerto Rico 580 kHz. Admininstrador de ingenieria Sr. Nestor Pérez Pérez sent me a nice email letter after one month waiting. I heard this station in a pedition in JPR's great QTH in Muhos close to Oulu in November 2006. Thank you Jari, Simo, Seppo, Alpo and all the other colleagues who have encouraged me during these years.

Here are the latest 10 QSLs:
WKAQ San Juan PR 580 email-letter 1 month v/s Administradora de ingenieria
WTIC Hartford CT 1080 email with photo follow-up 1 day v/s Chief Engineer
WNIO Youngstown OH 1390 card letter for an email report v/s Chief Engineer, this was a nice surprise as I sent my report only by email but the QSL came by snailmail.
WDRC Hartford CT 1360 card (rp mint stamps were sent) 3 weeks v/s Chief EngineerVSB2 Bible Broadcasting Network, Hamilton 1280 email 2 weeks, Bermuda was country number 190 in my collection
JOFR Fukuoka 1278 card letter schedule 2 weeks
KCJJ Iowa City IA 1630 card 2 weeks (rp mint stamps were sent) v/s General Manager
CHUC Cobourg ON 1450 email 1 week v/s President, Originally CHUC was to shut down on November 11, 2006 but there was interference on their new 107,9 MHz, at the moment CHUC 1450 is relaying 107.9 the Breeze. CHUC will leave AM band as soon as the interference on FM is solved.
CKGM Montréal PQ 990 email 2 days follow-up v/s Chief Engineer, this station was heard during my DX pedition KIVES5 in Kivesvaara, Paltamo in January 2006
CFDR Dartmouth NS 780 email 1 hour v/s General Manager, also known an Kixx Country, the v/s had a Finnish schoolmate called Hannu in Toronto.

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