Saturday, November 05, 2011

KLFJ Springfield MO 1550

1550 kHz became an interesting frequency after CBE signed off in the end of September. There are many dominants on west coast cxs but during openings to the US east coast and Midwest this frequency could be a gold mine in the future. A cuban station is of course a powerhouse but for instance on ENOX28 there was a bunch of stations fading in and out on 1550 kHz in the morning hours.
One of those stations was KLFJ from Springfield/Branson, MO. It was audible several times and on many occasions with a very stable and loud signal. KLFJ became my second verified MO -station on 1550 kHz since it was way back in 1988 when I managed to hear KKJO (nw KESJ) St. Joseph on the same frequency. KLFJ verified in 4 hours.

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Fred's blog said...

Dont know how you got this verified. There is no studio for it. All programming is done in West Hollywood California and loaded up to a computer at a Econo Lodge in Springfield Mo.They were fined $16.000 by the FCC for several things. Cant believe they are still on the air.