Thursday, October 13, 2011

LEM 294 16-23.10.2010

Hannu Niilekselä (HN)
Jan-Erik Österholm (JEÖ)

After a year of intensive listening to a magnitude of files, our log is ready to be published. Still, not all files with recordings from the Central and Latin American directions have been examined and eventual new findings will be published as and when needed.

As you will note, the loggings only include the dates. Since the introduction of the SDR receivers the nature of this hobby has changed significantly. We both wish to preserve the excitement of FINDING a new station even with these new equipment.

We share all information about conditions during our expedition. But we both have examined our files independently and do not give even to each other the times of our loggings. With this method we found out that our findings were more diversified than what we had expected. This was to a large degree affected also by the fact that we had often been using different antennas in situations of only short “bursts” of interesting signals from a specific direction.

The massive amount of files created in today´s SDR environment requires new approaches to how we deal with our files created –during DX expeditions and with automated recordings. Personally we give very little credit to “DX´ing” where  the finding is with one person and verifications are shared – even less for situations where files are not diligently examined, but kept more so for examination later on, based on what someone else somewhere else has reported having been heard.

For all of us it is a personal choice, how we wish to go about DX´ing, so other DX´ers may disagree with this policy. This is just fine -  it is a free choice for everyone.

For Hannu our chosen policy meant, for example, the “loss” of some 10 stations Jan-Erik picked from Texas and for Jan-Erik a few from Florida and North Carolina, which Hannu found on his files. But we are happy with this, as well as the combined results of our expedition, and enjoying our hobby as much as ever !

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