Saturday, October 16, 2010

ENXO23 - 14-15.10


The evenings could be much more lively - nothing to report from yeasterday.

First stations from the continental U.S. appeared at around 22 UTC, but just the very common ones (WLQV-1500, WWZN-1510, WWKB-1520...). It took another 2 hours, before more stations appeared. At midnight UTC it was worth the whilem to start taking the hobby more seriously. Nothing spectacular at night, though.

At this time of October the peak of the signals seems to take place just in front of UTC and the signals remain fairly decent until 7 UTC, then gradually being dampened by the sunlight. Still, some signals start to stay throughout the noon at this time of the year. Quite nice going in the morning, but without any specific direction.
The strong signal in the morning was KWEI-1260 with its new format ESPN Deportes. The most common Hawaii were strong again in the afternoon with KUAU-1570 being even stronger than the usual "king", KUMU, which also has changed format to ESPN and its call to KHKA.

Some of the more interesting stations identified at the time of listening live were WTTL-1310 and WRTO-1200 in the night and KGBT-1530 in the morning.

One more night and morning to go on ENOX23, then straight to LEM for one more week - hopefully with some OS as well !

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