Sunday, January 11, 2009

ENOX13 (January 9.-15., 2009)

January 10, 2009
I set up my equipment in Enontekiö yesterday (Friday) evening. The first night was very lousy with some of the most usual dominants from Newfoundland , Ontario and Maine. In the morning AM was covered with stations from Venezuela to Oregon but the signals were not as loud as I expected to be. In the afternoon quite good HI- and AK conditions with the stations like KMVI 550 (fine local TOH ID) and KSSK 590.As I concentrated mainly in maintaining the antennas today I have not had time to go thru any recordings from today. However I let the SDRs rolling all day long.TuA

January 11, 2009
Generally better DX today than yesterday. Some interesting signals also in the night but after all the signals were quite unstable then. In the morning and around midday stations mostly from the EC then later on light improvment to the WC. Afternoon did not offer almost anything at all compared with Alaskans and HI on Saturday. Today’s new ones for me from a couple of recordings; WYSL-1040 and WSTV-1340. Hopefully the solar weather gets better…
About the weather in Enontekiö area; +/-0 degrees C and full moonlight. TuA

January 12, 2009
Clearly the best day so far during ENOX13 - the solar wx seems to be improving. Stations were audible all day and many of them even with decent signals. All GYs except 1450 kHz were more or less open and they offered some new stations for me. I slept all night thru but had my all SDRs working...From the logbook KBRB-1400, WLCM-1390, WZFG-1100, KBKR-1490, KGED-1680 (my last one from 1680 kHz). TuA

January 13, 2009
Not much to add to what AND- and LEM -crews have written about the conditions during the last 24 hours. Very strong NL –signals Monday evening and so I concentrated in hunting CFSX-870. And yes, I succeeded in capturing it after many years of trying. The signal was not really the first rate but anyway I even picked up an ID for CFCB-570. CFSX relays CFCB in nighttime and runs it’s own programming only during the day.Otherwise it was again hard to find something new on the dial. However, a couple of GY –stations saved the rest of my day.The weather is getting colder up here. Right now it’s -31 degrees C. TuA

January 14, 2009
Many stations from NL, ME and ON were audible last night very early. Morning was periodically OK as well but because the solar wx got worse midday and afternoon were disopointments compared with the previous days. From the recordings two new stations: WJON-1240 and KBEW-1560.This is my last report from ENOX13. It’s time to pack and clean the cabin. I’ll be on the road Thursday at noon at the latest. All the best to AND- and LEM- crews for the rest of the week. Special thanks to OF/AND4 for changing cx- and loggings information via SMS during my stay here in Enontekiö. ENOX13 is signing off./TuA

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