Sunday, February 03, 2008

AND2: 24.1 - 3.2 (GF, JA, OF, TBV)

Thursday 24.1: AND2 (location Andöya, Norway) is now in progress. A brief check at 17 UTC had most Alaskan stations audible at good levels, even 1020 kHz was strong.

Friday 25.1: Good conditions to Brazil and Argentina 22 to 05 UTC. Intense opening to the Great Lakes at 01 UTC. The morning was uninteresting. Excellent signals from AK and AB/BC after 12 UTC.

Saturday 26.1: Excellent conditions to Brazil and La Plata during the night. Very nice NA opening 07 to 10 UTC to the Rockies and the west coast, particularly in the lower half of the band.

Sunday 27.1: Strong signals from Brazil 22-01 UTC. Widespread NA from 02 UTC with signals becoming very strong in the morning. For instance 880 offered WCBS one minute and KWIP the next.

Monday 28.1: Again good propagation to Brazil and La Plata around midnight. Later on nice signals from mainly western NA. Some Mexican stations too.

Tuesday 29.1: Excellent signals from AK/YT/AB/BC until 16:30 UTC on the 28. Uninteresting night and morning with only the regular LA and NA stations noted.

Wednesday 30.1: Weak signals from Brazil early in the night. After 02 UTC strong signals from AB/SK. Uninteresting morning with only the NA dominants noted.

Thursday 31.1: Nice signals from Brazil early in the night. Morning and day propagation was very good to the Rockies and the west coast. Ex: 1230 KSBN

Friday 1.2: Superb NA opening 02-08 with many stations on most channels. Only a few dominants audible after LSR.

Saturday 2.2: Rapidly changing conditions early in night. Maine one minute, then Brazil, then AB/SK. Overall a poor night.

Sunday 3.2: Uneventful night, then intense opening to AB/MT after 08 UTC. Yesterday was more interesting than we thought, 590 CFAR, 610 KRTA. 1420 WASR

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