Monday, September 10, 2007

Northern Dimension DXers Camp 31 August - 2 Sept 07

The tradional Camp of PUDXK was held at Haapavesi on August 31... Sept. 2nd. This was the n:o 4 meeting and every year in August we have had terrible bad reception conditions during our meeting. So more time has been devoted to good meals etc. This year was not that bad, although the solar wind schock arrived a bit earlier than expected and there was too short time for conditions to reapper. Some Latins and Caribbeans were noted at first night but nothing very interesting (unless someone discover more stations from the sdr- or MD-recordings). We were 4 dxers (JSN, MKA, MR & TK).

This year we had some new tests:
- K9AY erected a bit more far away from the house - using special "tools" like some parts from a washing machine at the glassfiber mast & tradional wood poles (hay poles) at the corners (for drying hay sometimes in 1950´s)

- An unattended sdr-qth in the middle of forests (3 km to the electricity) using a SDR-IQ + 300 meters wire - it was a bit too southwards in order to get very much La Plata and later Orinoco signals although the beginning was promising when we started the meachine at 22.34 UTC. However the HP laptop survived about 4 1/2 hours capturing signals using the so called "travel battery" of the computer... when you use this kind of system it is best to remember to have all the softaware with you as now we had to drive again to the forests (50 kilometres more driving at night) to bring the Spectravue software ...

- a beverage of 410 meters (at 290 degr.) with 350 m coax feed was again a good antenna for TA-reception

The receivers used were "normal pudxk-equipments" sdr-14, 2 sdr-iqs, WinR 313e, NRD 515, AOR7030 and EKD 515 - but to be honest the most used equipments were the sdr-14/ iqs (+ EKD for JSNs "real listening pleasure").

About the delicious wines and meals more at the DX-Culinarism Blog.

73 tk

Back at my King´s Village QTH this week I tested briefly my East BOG of about 300 mtrs at 40 degr. (can not lay it down for longer period yet until my neighbour has finished all the agri jobs before winter!). Indeed a low noise and beautifull signals from Asia ...

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