Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The last FE conditions for the Season ?

The conditions have been rather variable during the last few weeks. Indeed, some good TA-reception was noted in March, particularly around the Equinox date and after that a few quite good Far East reception especially to the Philippines. Mayby the last "better" Philipinos for me (1422 new for me) were on 1422.142 (note the big split) DYZD signing off between 1500-1515 several days on March 26-30 and more usual DZME 1530 with ID on March 26 (also briedly heard later). DZME was noted just a little higher than the Romanian stations on 1530 (DZME seems to be rather stable on 1530.012 while Romanians are around .000 and .006). These conditions are best just about an hour before local sunset time, but you have to be carefull as the best reception last sometimes only 15-20 minutes on these European channels. A SDR-receiver is very good also looking for the splits as was the case of 1422.14 station. As you can see 1422.14 is even stronger than Europeans on 1422.0 at the time of a screen shot.

73 TK

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