Friday, September 15, 2006

More SDR-test at King's Village-QTH

Yes. Started to test SDR14 to do some RF-recordings! You have to use UPS with table top computers & external hard disks - that is for sure! Just lost RF-recording of (mostly) Latin American stations on 19 ! channels on Sep 15 at 04 UT when power was down at my cottage for 1 second! Anyway, did some recordings earlier between 1405 and 1595 kHz. Maybe later on (some day) I can say if there are more than usual morning Latins like Vida AM 1520, Medellin (Santa Maria de la Paz) 1560, a few Venezuelans & Brasilians on several channels between 0330-0400 UTC. It is cool also to analyse and do some frequency measurements later on. Antenna was just a longwire of 150 meters. Other RX. Icom9000. (TK)

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